View of the Sarphatistraat Offices Pavilion from the Singel Canal in Amsterdam. Photograph taken from the Steven Holl Architects website.

This infographic poster details an analysis of the building envelope material construction of the Sarphatistraat Offices Pavilion in Amsterdam by Steven Holl Architects. This building served as a precedent for the materiality of the Vertical Port project. The goal of the poster was to help understand the type of building skin, describe the materials used and their respective processes of production and application, and explain the construction details and the relationships of materiality and material units.
This poster was completed under the instruction of Victoria McReynolds at Texas Tech University.
The Helvetica Neue typeface family was licensed for educational use through the College of Architecture.
Andrew Pacheco does not own the image of the Sarphatistraat Office Pavilion shown above. Poster images owned and retained by McReynolds, Pacheco, and the Texas Tech University College of Architecture.
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